The Year I Still Have No Clue What I’m Going To Do




It’s the Chinese new year! Somehow a second new year to those who haven’t done any of their new years’s resolutions. Do I have any? I remember writing down some but I forgot where I wrote them in. 

I must admit that I haven’t done anything remarkable so far. I have new dogs if that counts but I must also admit that I haven’t enjoyed life as much as I do now!

I’m still jobless, but my family still supports me in all my decisions, trusting God that He has amazing plans for me. 

It’s already February, but one of my greatest feat is that I no longer worry whether I’m doing something fast. I worry about where I am putting my heart now. I’d rather be staying at home doing some chores without grumbling than working my ass out on a company who doesn’t value what I can do. I still hope and pray that He will direct me in a workplace where I will truly grow and won’t hinder my time for the Lord. 

To be honest, I don’t have any concrete plans yet. But it feels good to actually start from a new slate!

Also, I am loving the colors of the year that I incorporated them on my newly customized blog! 


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