The State of the country and how I am not cool with it




I work at the BPO industry, you see, I work for people I don’t see, but here’s what i can see – the current state of my country.

Knowing my friends and some of my family, believe me this is such a bold statement to make. I hate what’s happening in my country. I am not good with law and I am certainly not a prominent figure to matter, but I know this will hurt the butts of a lot of people especially by the people who idolize the current administration. I am never one for the politics and I’m never one to tolerate the killings.

Believe me how hard it is to take sides, with the media not really doing the job the way they should be. I used to want to work in that industry, but I don’t think that’s for me. The country’s been getting a lot of attention -yes, some maybe good, as what they good, whatever publicity is good publicity. Whatever. I am only seeing this on my own eyes and I am not trying to change your mind.

We are not gods yet, we are trying to be. We are not judge, yet we talk like we have the right. We are Filipinos yet, we are acting like animals- attacking each other and tearing each other’s noses. It’s sad, we are beginning to create wars within our own and while we are at it – let’s face it – the country’s gaining more enemies than allies.

Let’s face it, the leader represents the followers, and vice versa. As much as I want to become a follower, I don’t think I want to represent someone with worse temper than I am. No, I am not buying into that, I want someone with integrity who matches his walk with his talk and who knows how to respect.

Always remember no one wins the war. It will just be repeating the same wars of our fathers. And believe me, we are more than that.

The Shift

It’s 5am and I’m wide awake for I fell asleep earlier last night due to some misunderstanding with the beau. It’s insane how easily I get irritated by simple things I used to be okay with before. Am I becoming a bad person?  I don’t know, but all I know is that I am more comfortable with myself and my thoughts than I thought possible. Is it wrong? I don’t know. All I know is that I am on my way to who I am supposed to be. It’s not the route I would choose but seems like life has its own pathway and even if it’s quite selfish of the universe, well, I just hope it will get better in the end.

I tired hard to stay the same, I really do. but there are so many things you are so done with, but that doesn’t mean you’re now a bad person. There are just some things which shifted inside you and it would just hurt you when you try hard to stay the same.




Still That Girl

Remember when you used to be the girl who loves life?

Remember when you are still the one who wants to connect and establish relationships and all that?

It’s like life has failed you and let it ruined you, romanticizing failures and being alone.

You used to be one happy girl, always excited to live, always excited to plan and never let nervousness get the best her. Remember that?

Please don’t forget.

Please wake her up from slumber.

Please, be that girl.

because you are still that girl.13230952_1305259202817459_1456864419_o

Beautiful Borawan

Summer is beautiful.Clear skies, blue waters, sand on your soles- just thinking about it makes you feel relaxed and alive, isn’t it?

We went to this island called Borawan and I found myself mesmerized and in love with the beauty and wholesomeness of the place.There’s something about it that’s still pure and soul-satisfying.



I’m feeling 22

I’ve always dreamed of celebrating my birthday with my closest friends and be surprised by people I care about. Turned out, this year is still not going to go smooth sailing and cherry-picking. But, that’s fine! I believe the next years will become more meaningful and special as far as the experiences go.

This year, I simply celebrated my birthday with my fellow-celebrant, who happens to be my boyfriend in a eat-all you can buffet located near my workplace. It’s our first time to be actually be surrounded by that much food, it’s a great experience even though I wasn’t able to eat a lot due to, yes, you guessed it, anxiety. But I was happy 🙂


This year, I am feeling the pressure of being an adult. I thank God  every day that I am still employed and healthy. I must admit that I still feel a little nervous about everything that is happening around me. A little overwhelmed and anxious of what’s going to happen next. But, there’s no doubt that I have a lot to be thankful about. I am still a long way run to being emotionally open and totally okay. However, I am going to fight for this. There are nights I still lose the battle and wake up with the same dread, but I will continue and try to live.

I miss spending time with my friends and just chilling and be involved in each other’s lives, but maybe I’m still on the transition. This maybe a better birthday, but I am claiming this is not the best one yet! I want to celebrate next year, or maybe in the next 5 years to come, to finally be connected again. One day, it will happen. But for now, I am more than grateful with what I already have.