Monday Book Talk and Life Update!


Hello guys! How are you and your reading habits? Halloween season has come and gone and now Christmas breeze is once again coming to town. As for me, I’m still working as a freelancer at home but I’ve job offers from various companies I just can’t seem to accept yet. But a friend of of my bestfriend’s mom asked me if I wanted to work for her so I’m still looking into that since the time is flexible and there are no shift on weekends which is what I am actually looking for. I’m still weighing things because going back to the BPO industry doesn’t really excite me but all my other options are there.

My reading is a enthusiastically improving as the month progresses. I read three of my To be read books this month in five days(plus I won on a giveaway!!!) and all my Halloween reads are already finished and reviewed.
I’ve read The Graveyard Book, The Hobbit, both I gave five stars and Vanishing Girls which more or less I enjoyed and gave three stars. I thought these books are going to last me a month but well, I reading happens.

The reason I am doing a Book Talk is because I am currently reading A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. It’s my first book which tackles feminism and mentions a lot of women authors and a brief history of how novelization became on woman’s league. I am enjoying it so far and I love how it make me see the patriarchy of men over women and I think I’m going to be a feminist real soon, just kidding 😛

Because of this book I think I am going to make another TBR which includes classics about/ written by women like Sense and Sensibility, a Portrait of a Woman and some other books I would stumble upon.

How about you? How’s your reading going so far and what genre are you enjoying the most at this moment?


PS: I just made a new instagram ful of books you might wanna follow me there! It’s 7 days old today 😀 
Username is @oleenreadsandloves

Book Talk Wednesday (BOOK GIVEAWAY,Banned books, unfinished books, book hangover and more!)

I am guilty of not posting regularly here on my blog. I know it’s supposed to be my online diary of thoughts and emotions but it seems like it’s only becoming a book review blog. Again, that is not my intention. I am trying to have a writing habit and today is Wednesday and we could talk about books in general, perhaps? And tomorrow we could try another topic which will become a weekly habit of ours ❤



We are celebrating the banned book week! Today is the third day and people all over the world are committing to finish a banned book or two. And yes, if you are not aware, this is actually the perfect time to read a controversial book. I really want to partake in this awesome idea but sadly, I only have three banned books on my shelf 😦 I am actually sad when I realized this, but that’s okay, it means I still have more books to get and read in the near future!


I badly want to have a copy of Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov but I cannot find it anywhere yet, but soon!

“Ugh. I cannot finish this!”

Do you always finish a book? Because I do, but there’s this one book I cannot seem to finish. It’s Before I Fall by Oliver Lauren. A lot of people enjoyed it and have posted great reviews about it. but I cannot really love it for some reason. I would always pick it up, toss it, pick it up again and the cycle continues. It’s really heartbreaking when you can’t finish a book. Maybe, this book could find a home soon? Just leave a comment below if you want to have it.(or what about a giveway? 😉 )

Then a givaway, it is! Click here to join.



I am not drunk and I don’t think I will ever be(alcohol stinks, yuck) but I am bookdrunk! Oh yeah, and I woke up with a hangover with RED QUEEN by VICTORIA AVEYARD. I.JUST. CAN’T! I thought I’m not that affected by it but I woke up and realized that my mind’s still reeling with all that’s happened and I badly want to know what happens next. Also, the plot twist still makes my heart ache.(Why Maven, Why? I loved you!) I am tempted to read the ARC but I don’t know, I also want to wait for the real publishing date(which is three months from now! ugh!) and I don’t know what to do with my life.


I don’t know what to but I badly want to read a new book so that I could move on from Red Queen but I cannot seem to find the perfect book to cure this hangover. What would you recommend I read next? 😉

My Fave Book 2015!

Here’s the list of my top 5 favorite books published this year. This is not yet the final list since there’s still more books to come(it’s just almost-October you guys)

All The Bright Places

Made You Up

Red Queen

Between Us and The Moon

My Heart and other Black Holes

So, there. I enjoyed doing that! Thank you for dropping by and hope to talk to you on the comments section below :*